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award   BOTSOC Bulletins - Back Issues

Publications of the Friends of The Wellington Botanic Garden

award   Wellington Botanic Garden Forest Remnants [NOTE this link is to a 335kB pdf document]
“A Botanical Survey of the Indigenous Forest Remnants in Wellington Botanic Garden, Glenmore Street, Wellington – A report commissioned by Friends of The Wellington Botanic Garden Incorporated”, by B. J. Mitcalfe and J. C. Horne, May 2003, Revised March 2005, 87pp.

Other Publications

award   Threatened Plants of New Zealand by Peter de Lange, Peter Heenan, David Norton, Jeremy Rolfe & John Sawyer
award   Illustrated guide to New Zealand sun orchids, Thelymitra (Orchidaceae) by Jeremy Rolfe and Peter de Lange


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