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Illustrated guide to New Zealand sun orchids, Thelymitra (Orchidaceae)

Illustrated guide to New Zealand sun orchids, Thelymitra (Orchidaceae) by Jeremy Rolfe and Peter de Lange

Sun orchids
Sun orchids are widespread throughout New Zealand, growing in open sites from the coast to subalpine environments.

This new guide discusses the complexities of Thelymitra taxonomy in New Zealand, and has an illustrated key and photos to aid identification of the 15 accepted taxa and 5 widely accepted but as yet unnamed informally recognised entities, and plates showing the growth habit and variation within each species.   The book is a significant advance in our knowledge of the New Zealand sun orchids and completely revises the last Flora treatment published in 1970.

For the first time in one book, detailed descriptions are provided of the 15 sun orchid species accepted as native to New Zealand. Interim descriptions of a further five awaiting formal description are also provided.

A5 format, 64 pages, more than 120 colour photos.

Available now 1 copy: $25, 2 copies: $47, 3 copies: $68 (prices include postage and GST) Order on-line at (credit card payments).

or Jeremy Rolfe, 57 Thomas St, Stokes Valley, Lower Hutt 5019; e-mail jrrolfe (at) (cheque / direct credit payments).

or $20/copy: Wellington BotSoc meetings and DOC Wellington Visitor Centre, 18 Manners St, Wellington.


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