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Wellington Botanical Society, established in 1939, has membership of approximately 280 amateur and professional botanists.   Our activities include research, field work, publication, advocacy, and the provision of botanical expertise.   We support botanical research and endeavour through grants and advice to students.

We advocate the conservation and protection of NZ native plants.

We aim to encourage the study of botany, particularly the NZ flora, foster an interest in NZ native plants, especially in the field, encourage the cultivation of native plants and advocate for the protection, under protected area statutes, of lands and waters in their natural state.

Visitors are welcome to Meetings and Field Trips.


BotSoc meetings are usually held at 7.30pm on the third Monday of each month (except January and December) at Victoria University, Wellington – Lecture Theatre M101, Murphy Building ground floor, west side of Kelburn Parade.   Click here for full programme.

NOTE: Next Meeting, 15 April 2024 : Ecosourcing for resilience in a changing environment.   Click here for details.

Field Trips

Day trips to locations in the Wellington region are usually held on the first Saturday of each month.   Extended excursions are usually held at New Year, Easter and the first weekends of February and December.   Click here for full programme.

NOTE: Next Regular Field Trip, Saturday 6 April: Ngā Manu Nature Reserve wetlands, Waikanae.   Click here for details.


The Wellington Botanical Society from time to time offers various Awards and Competitions.   Click here for further details of Awards.


Wellington Botanical Society at:
PO Box 10-412
Wellington 6140
New Zealand

Or contact Secretary at email wellingtonbotsocsecretary (at)

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