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Trip Report - Brew Covenant, Plimmerton

Trip Report – 5 June 2010:   Brew Covenant, Plimmerton

Owing to the strong, cold winds, we took a while to get geared up for the short walk north along The Track to the bush covenant.   Great views of the Taupo Stream basin in the early winter light were a highlight, and we got glimpses of Taupo Swamp.   We discussed the recent refusal for resource consent to build on the edge of the bush.

Once over the fence, we noticed that rank pasture was being out-competed in places by pohuehue and bracken.   The unusual kaikomako shrubland is a feature of the southern corner.   Kohekohe flowers were evident in the bush, indicating good pest control.   We separated into two groups, one went lower and sidled through the bush and the other sidled nor’east to where we met in a sheltered clearing for morning tea in the sun.   Matai and wharangi regeneration was a feature.   During morning tea, Tim outlined the history of Karehana Bay Key Native Ecosystem, and recent work in the locality by GWRC.   Possums have been under control for up to fourteen years.   Next we moved along the eastern boundary to find a suitable place to traverse the bush toward the west.   The dry, north-facing ridges were the most interesting.   We added wharariki to Pat Enright’s plant list, and spent time studying the natural libertia population.   We continued to sidle through the bush to the nor’western boundary, where we found a clearing on the ridge for lunch.   It is interesting to note that karaka, karo and pohutukawa, non-local natives, have established in the bush.   We agreed that BotSoc should write to Porirua City Council to encourage them to fence the bush and kanuka in the paddock north of the Brew’s land, leased by council, and grazed by a neighbour.

We thank Mrs Brew for permission to botanise her covenant.

Participants :   Rosemary Collier, Rae Collins, Gavin Dench, Barry Dent, Frances Forsyth, Sue Freitag, Ian Goodwin, Jill Goodwin, Joy Griffith, Richard Herbert, Chris Hopkins, Chris Horne, Barbara Mitcalfe, Jan Nalder, Tim Park (leader / scribe), Sunita Singh.


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