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Ideas please

We welcome your ideas about:
  • places to visit on field trips
  • topics and speakers for evening meetings
  • information or photographs for BotSoc web site
Please send ideas to our secretary, Barbara Clark, PO Box 10 412, Wellington 6036, ph 233 8202.

Attending field trips

If you intend to join a trip, PLEASE phone the leader at least TWO DAYS beforehand, so that he/she can tell you of any changes and/or particular requirements. If you cannot ring in advance, you are welcome to join on the day.

Recommended Clothing for field trips

Sun hat, balaclava1 or hat1, waterproof / windproof parka, long-sleeved cotton shirt, singlet1, bushshirt1, 1 or 2 jerseys1, waterproof / windproof overtrousers, nylon shorts, longjohns1, longs1, underclothes, swimming togs, 4 pr socks1, hut shoes, boots, gaiters, mittens1, handkerchief.

1 = wool, polypropylene or polarfleece as applicable.

Day trip gear

First aid kit, compass2, map2, insect repellent, whistle, matches in waterproof container, water purification tablets, water bottle, thermos, pocket knife, camera2, binoculars2, hand lens2, note book2, pen and pencil2, sunblock, sunglasses, large plastic survival bag to line pack.

2 = optional

Overnight trip gear and food

As well as the day trip gear listed above, bring torch, spare bulb and batteries, candle, mug, plate, knife, fork, spoon, small towel, soap, tooth brush, tent, fly, poles and pegs, groundsheet, sleeping mat, sleeping bag, liner and stuff bag. Bring bread, butter / margarine, biscuits, fresh fruit and scroggin.

SCROGGIN = Sultanas, Chocolate or Carob, Raisins, Orange peel, Glucose3, Ginger, Including Nuts.

3 = dried apricots are recommended instead of glucose but would spoil the acronym!!

BotSoc equipment

In addition to the gas stoves, billies, kitchen utensils, flies etc., used on long field trips, the following are also available:

  • first aid kit. NOTE: anti-histamines NOT included, because of short shelf-life
  • ten NZMS 260 Sheet R27, Pt.Q27 maps
  • ten Silva Type 3 compasses
If you are leading a BotSoc trip, and would like to take these items, please ring Chris Horne ph 04 475 7025, or Barbara Mitcalfe ph 04 475 7149.

Health and safety

  • You are responsible for you own first aid kit. If you have an allergy or medical condition, please carry your own anti-histamines and medications, tell the trip leader of any problems you may have and how to deal with them.
  • You are responsible for keeping with the party. If you have any doubts about your ability to do this, you must check the trip conditions with the trip leader, who reserves the right to restrict attendance.

Fitness and experience

Our field trips vary considerably in the level of fitness and tramping experience required. Although our main focus is botanical, our programme sometimes offers trips which, in the pursuit of our botanical aims, are more strenuous than others. Although leaders take care to minimise risks, everyone participates at their own risk. If you have any questions about whether you are fit enough for a particular trip, please contact the leader well beforehand.

Transport reimbursement of drivers

We encourage the pooling of cars for trips.
  • Passengers: Please pay your share of the running costs to your driver. We suggest 10c/km/passenger.
    • If a trip on the inter-island ferry is involved, please pay your share of the ferry fare.
    • If you change cars mid-trip, leave a written note for your driver.
  • Drivers: Please ensure that you know where you are going, and who is in your car;
    • Zero the odometer at the start, and agree on a return time;
    • Account for all your passengers before you come back;
    • Collect contributions towards transport costs.


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